Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Behind Schedule is Better Than No Schedule

Some 'good' news and some 'not-as-good' news...whatcha want first? The 'not-as-good' news it is then.

I am totally not keeping up with my blogging schedule. Here it is, November 10th and I only have five new posts. There's your 'not-as-good' news, folks. Maybe my goal was a little lofty, but I was trying to get at least five posts a week. I mean, I gotta keep ya comin' back somehow.

My crafty list keeps getting longer, but my free time keeps shrinking. For good reason though! [here's the 'good' news, in case you couldn't tell] So.........................I got a new teaching job! Yippie!! I am now the new Literacy Interventionist for 7th and 8th grade struggling readers and writers. I finally get my own classroom. I finally get to make my own lessons. I finally get freeeeeeeeeeedom with my students! It's going to be UH MAZE ING!

But, between preparing for the interview, freaking out, and all the other hiring process hoops I was jumping through (gladly jumping...more like leaping) my new blog has taken a back seat. So, I've decided that I need to adjust my blogging goal. Instead of five days a week, I think, at least for now, three is the magic number.

I love doing this and sharing ideas and hearing from other bloggers (that are insanely crafty) and there's no way I'll stop.

Nonetheless, I couldn't offer much inspiration this week, but I've gotten a lot from others. So here's to them!

If you haven't stopped by Mrs. Adventure, you are seriously missing out. This girl rocks it. Her Pine Cone Fire Starters are so clever.  I can't wait to make these for the holidays...hopefully I'll have some leftover for myself.

*dear sister-in-law, if you're reading this...STOP...NOW. love, me*

I've been looking for an easy, cute, inexpensive way to make my sissy-in-law an apron. She's a bake-a-holic and she'd look so stikin' cute working in the kitchen with a trendy little apron on. I was in luck this week when I saw Mychel's Easy Apron tutorial on Trendy Accentz. Not only did she create explanations that even a non-sewer (well non-traditional is more accurate) such as myself can understand, she made an amazingly stylish, inexpensive apron. Well done!

Like Chelsea at Crafter's Anonymous, I have been obsessed with scarves lately. Unfortunately, they ain't cheap! Unless, you do this. Her Infinity Scarf tutorial is so simple. I don't think that I'm confident enough to try the ruffle, but you might be ;-) I have a billion extra shirts just taking up space, who knew they could be this pretty?

Jennifer at MuseLodge couldn't help but start on her holiday decorations! And luckily for us, she shared her amazing idea. I love how her Christmas Advent Calendar...or Not (cute post title right) is not your average red and green glitzy holiday piece. Spend some time looking at all of Jennifer's blog, her style is refreshing.

Hope you like these ladies' super skills.

Have a happy end of your week and stay crafty, sistas!

<3 dani

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free Stuff Makes Me Happy

A few years ago, Allure Magazine compiled a list of the best 'freebie' websites. Being the cheap-o that I am, I went to all of them. But the one that has stuck around and remained free is the Silver Jewelry Club once known as

They offer four different pieces for free at once. Every fifteen minutes or so a new piece goes up. If none of the available pieces spark your interest, find out what's coming up later and send yourself an email reminder. The only catch is that you have to wait for the right piece to become available. But that can be the exciting part too!

I've only ordered two pieces over the years, but could certainly have bought more. You have to pay the $6.99 S&H, but that's still cheaper than picking up a similar piece at a store.

Here are a few pieces that are available right now (or in the new future). Check 'em out. Who knows, you might find something you <3.

Canvas People are also offering up some free goodness! They are giving you $55 to spend towards ANY canvas you choose. The 8x10 Canvas is regulary $49 and you could get it free and only pay the $14.95 to have it shipped (sure that sounds steap, but put it in perspective...$15 personalized canvas). Such a super steal and an opportunity for a great holiday gift!


Do you know of any legit, amazing FREE websites?