Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Ryne's Room

In the midst of losing a job, gaining a job, crashing a computer and trying to get ready for baby number one, maintaining the blog has definitely taken a backseat. As I approach the last trimester, prepping Ryne's room has become top priority. I can tell you all about it now because am at home trying to rid myself of this nasty cold/flu/death virus. Here's a little glimpse of what is shaping up to be our son's room.

We decided [read: I decided] that an overly themey nursery was silly. No Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse sheets for us. So now, the only real theme we have is based off of these paintings I made.

(sorry for the poopy photos, my computer is still broken, so cell phone stuff will have to suffice)

I saw an etsy shop a while ago that had painted puppy canvases and thought they would be adorable in the baby's room. I really wanted each one of the family dogs (i.e. my mom's, my bro-in-laws, ours) represented and instead of asking someone to paint them at $100 a pop, I tried to create them myself. It wasn't easy and like any other art project I tackle, I'm not completely convinced I love them. But there they hang.

There's more to come because we have so much more to do!

<3 dani