Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Bucket

Remember back in the good ol' days when finding something with your name printed on it was like the coolest? Or maybe you were one of those kids who could never find anything with your name on it because your parents clearly didn't think that far ahead when naming you...(I am one of those parents).

Luckily for my little guy, the internet, Etsy and vinyl die cutters exists, otherwise the closest thing to a personalized item he'd get would be an off-centered, puffy painted, white t-shirt that I, most likely, wouldn't let dry long enough, so the paint would smear all over. Yeah.

Instead he gets this cool thing.

Even though in my mind it was a novel idea, apparently I'm not the first one to think of this. I went to Etsy and did a search for "easter bucket" and this is what I found. I realized two things: first, some are way overpriced; second, I could totally make one on my own with a little help.

All I had to do was buy the bucket (Dollar Store), grab the ribbon from my craft supplies (reused from a diaper cake) and search Etsy to find a shop that would make the name decal (Design Threadz -- all I did was give my dimensions and BAM I had my own listing. That's service.)  the correct size and finally order it!

I ordered the bath sticker toys here.

Love Love Love.

<3 dani

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Simple Spring Mantle

It's nothing special. Just a simple change, but simple is good. One day I might drastically change it up, but I can't find anything to put up there that won't distract the beautiful wood.

Big fan of old books. They chill in almost every room of our house. They aren't in the bathroom, but I suppose that having them in there isn't such a terrible idea. Reading material...

Subtle colors. I loathe pastels, unless they are covering delicious candies. 

Of course some pottery from my ol' college buddy Lindsey Burns (the new owner of Bohemian Home in Plymouth, MI). 

I have a pretty sweet collection rocks. No really. I love rocks.

Happy Spring y'all.

<3 dani

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mobile Shmobile

Seriously? Mobiles are unbelievably, unnecessarily expensive. And is it possible for them to make one that matches my son's nursery theme? Noooo.

So, once again, we must improvise.

These poofies from inspired me. Of course, I'm not making mine pink. I already get in enough trouble when I make my son watch Clueless and sing Madonna. Heaven forbid he have pink poofies in his room ;-)  

My version:

Here's what I did. 

For the large poof, I took 10 sheets of tissue paper out of their package, unfolded them, then refolded accordion style. Be sure to crease your folds. --For the two small poofs, I cut 2 large sheets in half to make 4 smaller sheets (that's all I had -- oopsie -- a tad under prepared and over-excited).

Then, I wrapped and tied the middle with the ribbon I planned to hang it with. 

Next, I  separated each sheet from the other.

I forgot the rounding of the edges step on my big poof...yes, I was rushing.

After that, I carefully poofed each sheet. A few sheets were sacrificed by my hastiness.

And finally, I hung them above my little guy's changing table. Nice.

Yet another quick, inexpensive craft that you can even do half-assed and it still looks pretty neat. High-five.

<3 dani