Monday, December 1, 2014

Making a List and Checking it Twice

I always head into the gift giving season with the best intentions of staying organized: Receipts in this envelope, Kids' gifts in this box, hidden in this room, Lists updated...That all lasts for roughly a week. Then poof,  it's all a hot mess. I'm left scrambling at the last second trying to pull things together and I hate scrambling. Hate. My anxiety levels are high enough on their own.

I started this last year and I'm proud to report it was really effective. I'm using the spreadsheet I created last year (loooove my spreadhseets) to keep track of not only how much I'm spending, but who I'm buying for and what I'm buying.

Check it:

I'm keeping track of everything. As soon as I buy something (online or otherwise), I write it down. Boom, done. 

Happy Holiday Gift Giving and Happy Organizing ;-)

<3 dani