Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Eat It: Low Cal Cupcakes

I've stopped posting much about my weight loss progress. For a second there I fell off the wagon, but rest assured I'm back at it. Shedding pounds, feeling better and practicing patience. It's not easy. I struggle everyday, but little things, like this recipe certainly help.

My mother-in-law gave me this Weight Watchers Cupcake recipe: "if you're ever in the mood for something sweet...wink wink" I'm always in that kind of a mood. So, obviously I went straight to the store, bought a box of chocolate cake mix, a can of pumpkin and went to town.

If you make mini-cupcakes, which I suggest for portion control, these end up being about 60 calories each. Not too shabby.

1 box of cake mix (I used chocolate)
1 15oz can of pumpkin
1/4c water (you could add an egg white or two if you'd like)
set oven for 350 and follow box directions from there. 

I can't lie, they certainly aren't the real deal, but they don't suck. And it's better for you than the alternative, so I won't complain.

For dessert tonight, I crumbled one and mixed in some chopped strawberries. Yummers.

<3 dani

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Front Door Update

This was such a quick, simple update. I was able to do it while the little one took a nap.

The Kid and I went to the store for one thing: a pool skimmer. We left with more, obviously. If I had enough self-control, I could walk right to the item I need without looking at anything and turn right around and leave. bing bang boom. But nope. Impossible. Whatever. I've accepted it. It's fine. Besides, I wanted to try out The Kid's new grocery cart cover. No point in making a quick trip if I'm going through the trouble of hooking him in, right?

Anyhow, as usual, I end up in the Clearance aisle and like any craft hoarder, I pick up everything going through all the crafty possibilities before I talk myself out of it and move on. Today though, I grabbed a Styrofoam wreath that was flat on one side and already covered with burlap for $3. Sold. But of course, you could grab a plan wreath at the ol' dollar store and cover it with whatever to get a similar product.

When The Kid went down for his nap, I ran to the kitchen, grabbed the coffee filters and threw together a new wreath.

I just kind of scrunched the filters up until they resembled flowers (if you squint your eyes).

Then I secured them to each other in small bunches with twist ties (no time to run to the basement for the glue gun).

Then I secured all the little bunches together as a big bunch.

And used several twist ties to wrap around the wreath and connect the filter flowers to it.

Yay. And all before The Kid woke up. Success.

<3 dani