Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chocolate Cheese Ball & The Hubs

Originally, that combination scared me, but after a little guidance (and only minimal yelling) The Hubs rocked our family Tapas Party with his take on Bonnie's (at House of Grace) recipe -- If you haven't seen her blog, you are so missing out. So many great ideas and an amazing sense of style -- okay, back to The Hubs baking adventure.

Our family loves food. We are usually together at least every weekend and of course we eat a lot. We also love any reason to have a party. So, years ago my mother-in-law-in-law (no that's not a typo, that is how I refer to my sister-in-law's mother) created the concept of our Tapas Holiday Party. Each person in the fam has to bring a dish they've never made before. Consider The Hubs doesn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I usually get nervous for him a few days before the party.

I try to give him a few simple options and Bonnie's Recipe was on the short list. Considering how much he loves cheese and sweet treats, this was a clear choice.

The ingredients.

 The Hubs <3

The Pups getting a peek. Really inappropriate doggy behavior, I'm aware. But, OMG he's so stinkin' cute.

I forgot to take a photo of it during it's original presentation, so you get to see the leftovers. I'm assuming there were leftovers because we were all so full on other food because this cheese ball was uh-maze-ing.

Even if this hadn't turned out as well as it did, spending time with The Hubs in the kitchen was great.

<3 dani

Monday, December 20, 2010

Give Me a Break

It's finally Holiday Break. My first official Monday without work and all I'm doing is lounging around making lists. We had our besties over all weekend. Maybe it's because I'm bummed they left already (even though they'll be back soon) or maybe I'm just lazy, either way I'm having a tough time getting motivated. I really don't have time to be unmotivated! Making a post will at least allow me to mark one thing off my To Do List.

A few weeks ago, The Momma and I got together for our First Annual Baking and Beer Day. I love to cook, but baking isn't really my thing. See, my sissy-in-law is the family baker, so I never ever even consider baking. The Momma takes pride in the fact that she's taught me how to cook well, but truthfully I think she's a little embarrassed that I truly stink at baking. Thus she created a Baking Day (I think the beer portion of the day was just to ensure I'd actually show up). I learned alot. Here are the highlights of the day.

  The Momma

The student

The typical Michigan mitten map and a dot so you know where I'm at.

The Earth cookie. Easily the most exciting creation of the day. In my humble opinion anyway ;-)

We had an audience. This is J.D.

and baby Emma

All in all, the day went great. We made fudge, brittle (holy good lord it was amazing), sugar cookies and o-ke-doke carmel corn.

Our new tradition should have me baking on my own in no time!

I hope you're setting time aside for the special people in your life this time of year.

<3 dani