Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shh...Baby's Sleeping

My kid can pretty much sleep through anything; dogs barking, doors slamming, husband sneezing, he can handle it. So, I suppose one of these adorable little door hangers isn't really necessary, but it might help keep the solicitors away...ah yes, my ulterior motives surface and I'm totally using my child.

Of course I was originally inspired while putzing around Etsy and figured I'd eventually make one, but after an unruly encounter with a solicitor last week, my intentions were kicked into high gear and I finally got around to making this:

It was as simple as buying a door hanger at Michael's, painting it, then writing on it. Less than a dollar. Let's hope it works. Hey, even if you don't have a kid you should try it...keep the door-to-door folks away. :-)

<3 dani

Is It Summer Break Yet?

Time is dragging. I cannot wait to get back to blogging. My summer break begins in one week, but I plan to start posting again next week! I have so many projects to tell you about. Oy Vey. Who knew being a mommy to a five month old, a doggy mommy, a wife, and a Dean would take so much time ;-)

As you await my return, look at my cute kid 

See you all again on Monday. Menu Monday is back.

<3 dani