My name is Dani. I'm thirty years old. I married my best friend six years ago. Together we have an awesome little boy and one sweet pitbull furbaby. I work full-time as a middle school Dean. One of these days I'll get back into the classroom to teach.

I love decorating, cooking, reading, painting, singing (in the shower and the car of course), writing, playing, and teaching.

Besides hanging out with my boys (The Hubs, The Kid and The Pup), blogging is my absolute favorite hobby. It all started when I was googling a project I was working on. I accidentally stumbled into the world of craft/decor blogging and thought, hell, I can do this. 

When I was little, I would look at the JC Penny catalog for hours on end. That led to a lot of daydreaming and trying to figure out how to make my bedroom look like the one in the catalog without begging my mom to buy me everything listed on the page. For the record, my mother would never buy things out of that catalog if we could find it cheaper somewhere else. So out of a lot of wishful thinking came the ability to recreate anything for super cheap. 

Sometimes my ideas work, sometimes they fail miserably, but I'll share them either way. And hopefully, you'll be inspired to join in and create with me. 

<3 dani