Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bottle Cap Art

This project, like many of my projects, was born out of necessity. Necessity to get rid of a piece of art that had seen better days.

I had framed a sprig of rosemary...not thinking that eventually it would dry out and all I would be left with was a twig...yeah, pretty in it's own right, but I could do better. 

Luckily, I hoard a couple of things. Bottle caps are one of those things. A couple of years ago I made THESE awesome coasters using bottle caps and since then I've continued to collect caps with the hopes that one day I'd make more (ps -- if I hit 100 followers by April 15th, I will hold a giveaway for a set of those marvelous things). But there are more caps than I need for more coasters, so I came up with another use.

Here is the new piece of coaster art: (sorry for the poor photos. I'm using my iphone because I forgot my camera at work and there's no way in hell I'm entering the school over spring break to retrieve it -- pretty sure that's against the law or something)

It was originally this:

All I did was rummage through my cap collection.

Organize the caps within the matte and hot glue them down.

Re-hang and boom, done.

If you like the "S", check out that project HERE

I dig it.

<3 dani


  1. SO cute! I love how quick, easy, and SUPER cool this picture is. Looks great! :)

  2. Thanks ladies! I mostly like because it reminds me of all the delicious beers I've drank.

  3. This looks great, well done, what a great excuse to drink more beer :-) xox


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