Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

The Hubs and I pride ourselves on how tidy we mange to keep our house. Before Little Dude, we had our cleaning schedule on lock. Saturday morning, bright and early, we'd bust out the entire house. Top to bottom, deep clean etc. Then throughout the week, we'd just pick things up as we went along.

But now, you ask?! Oh my how things change with a ten month old running around.

The house has remained pretty tidy, but I regularly have an internal meltdown thinking about how much I have to do.

Pinterest to the rescue!

I started searching for weekly cleaning schedules and came up with a few viable options. Including THIS one that I pretty much straight-up stole.
** disclaimer: the original is waaay cuter than mine. **

Here is my version:

There are certain things that get done every single week, so those things I permanently added. There are also things that get done each day, come hell or high water, like the dishes and wiping the counters. Those things I didn't add to the chart, seemed redundant.

I did leave room on the top for things that I'm pulling from THIS calendar each week (do yourself a solid and check out that link).

So, here's to trying to clear the stress of staying on top of my cleaning habits. Try it.

<3 dani