Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Half Birthday

Today my little dude is 7 months old. I know it's cliche, but time really does fly. Each day The Hubs reminds me to live in the moment. Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about the future, we forget to appreciate what's happening right in front of us and sometimes what's in front of us goes so quickly.

But enough with the sentimental stuff, not really my thing, but this kid brings out some weird shit in me.

Last month, we celebrated 6 months of Little Dude's life with a party. I searched Pinterest and the regular ol interwebs for hours trying to make this the most adorable, quaint little party possible. The entire party was inspired by a wonderful post I found on Pinterest. Hank and Hunt shared some amazing ideas. I don't even come close to doing justice to the party this girl put on. Check it out.

Here's Little Dude waiting patiently for his family to arrive.

And the set up. I used the stairwell to the basement as my backdrop. Really for no other reason than that it was the only possible spot in the entire house to hang these friggin awesome circle thingies (i.e. construction paper hot glued on to coordinating ribbon)

The half cake...get it? Of course you do.

The Hubs decorated these Half Sized cupcakes (okay, so they're just mini cupcakes, but that doesn't go with the damn theme). If you ask me, the sprinkles really set these apart from any other mini, ahem, Half Sized cupcakes I've ever seen.

Little Dude enjoying some time with Grammy.

Those awesome little springy thingamajigs on his cake last about 2.8 seconds after this photo. Oops.

Because it was only a half birthday and the chances of Little Dude remembering any of it were slim, I didn't want to spend too much cheddah on the decorations, so I bought things from the dollar store and scoured my craft supplies to come up with everything you see. (longest run-on sentence ever? perhaps.) I bought boxed cake (to save time and my sanity...I get so nervous baking stuff from scratch. Not once has anything turned out edible). I bought tablecloths, plates, napkins, balloons, cups and straws from the DS and everything else I already had.

Such a sweet afternoon with the boy and the family. Ah, memories. Wonderful.

<3 dani