Sunday, April 17, 2011

Did You Put Instructions on the Dishwasher?

Yes, I did, honey.

The Hubs says our house is 'dummy proof' because I label everything. Recently, I started using the dishewasher more often. -- this came after many many debates/arguments/conversations discussing the pros and cons -- The Hubs is still trying to find a way to catch the dishwasher guilty of not doing it's job...washing dishes.

So this morning, he's making biscuits and gravy and yells "Aha!" and runs to the living room swinging a spatula at me. "See," he says, "good job dishwasher. Real nice work washing," pointing to caked on food. His excitement was short lived as I mentioned (read: yelled) "the dishwasher hasn't ran yet! Those dishes are dirty!" With his tail between his legs, and my attitude checked, he went back to the kitchen.

Clearly, I haven't put enough time into 'dummy proofing' the dishwasher, but I did today.

 You just need a few simple things that you probably already have:

Craft/Scrap Booking Paper
Letter Stickers (or something similar)
An Old Magnet

I didn't show the old magnet I used, but it was one I had received in the mail from some insurance agency boasting "We'll be there for you everyday," right smack in the middle of a yearly calendar.  Clever.

Anyway, I simple cut paper to fit my magnet, glued it on, stuck my stickers on and slapped it on the dishwasher.

Now we're "dummy proofed" yet again. All is right with the world.
<3 dani

Almost Two Months...

Without a post. I'm sure you've all been upset at my absence...right?

Not to bore you with all the details, but the past fifty days have been super.

I've been doing little make-overs here and there, but nothing substantial until this past weekend when both The Hubs and I just wanted a relaxing weekend at home.

Our kitchen has a bald spot and I've spent the last three years trying to figure out how to Ron Popeil GLH Spray it.

The problem with putting any furniture here is obvious; you'll interrupt the walking path. But after studying the spot for a while (three years to be exact) I finally figured out how to make this a usable space.

And look, isn't it neat?

You need:

Wood (I used 4'x8" pre-sanded Oak)
Brackets (I needed 3)
Power Screw Driver
Tape Measure
Stud Finder (if you haven't invested the $10 bucks into this, you are doing yourself a disservice)

Begin by measuring and marking how tall you'd like your shelf. Mine sits roughly 38" tall. Then Mark your studs.

I taped my sewing measuring tape to the wall as my straight edge and drilled in my brackets. Then I set the wood on top. After checking for level again, I made sure it was symmetrical and drilled screws into the bottom.

 Instead of staining the wood, I opted for a very natural (and lazy man's way out) oil finish. The same oil I use on my chopping block, I covered this piece of wood with.

Simple as that. Literally took me twenty minutes. I was moving so smoothly that I forgot to take pictures...of course I could chalk that up to being out of blogging practice. Anyway, here's the finished product one more time.


If I missed a step or you have a question, contact me.

<3 dani