Sunday, June 12, 2011

Excuses Excuses and Some Painted Doors

It's been a bit since my last update, but this time my excuse isn't laziness. This time it's legit. The Hubs and I are finally pregnant!!

Here 'it' is at 9wks, but we are now 3months!! 
Also, I'm pretty sure I see a thumbs up.

But along with that I've been incredibly, beyond belief, sick. So sick that I finally ended up in the ER, eeeww. Turns out my appendix was getting real grumpy about losing space. After emergency surgery and a week off work, I'm starting to feel normal again.

Now that I'm further along and don't feel like dying all day everyday, I can start playing again. And to top it off, schools out for summer too!!

My first project after returning from my extended trip to Hell was something small; I painted some doors!

I have three doors that lead to the backyard: a french door (yes that's singular), a slider and a half paneled/half glass. They're all white, which is pretty dull. I painted the front door a deep red last year and had plenty left over to paint at least a couple of these white doors in the back.

Check it.


After, with white trim


After, with trim touch-up too.

With the exception of being stung by a bee, it went smoothly. Happy to be back in blogland. 


<3 dani