Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Simple Spring Mantle

It's nothing special. Just a simple change, but simple is good. One day I might drastically change it up, but I can't find anything to put up there that won't distract the beautiful wood.

Big fan of old books. They chill in almost every room of our house. They aren't in the bathroom, but I suppose that having them in there isn't such a terrible idea. Reading material...

Subtle colors. I loathe pastels, unless they are covering delicious candies. 

Of course some pottery from my ol' college buddy Lindsey Burns (the new owner of Bohemian Home in Plymouth, MI). 

I have a pretty sweet collection rocks. No really. I love rocks.

Happy Spring y'all.

<3 dani


  1. Happy spring to you too!! I really like your chicken wire look tower and the earthy feel to your mantel.

  2. Simple and beautiful! I love everything about it. Megan


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