Sunday, December 12, 2010

Traditional Shmaditional

I can't say that I love the traditional holiday style (hopefully I haven't offended all of you with that statement). Don't get me wrong, I love tradition, but the typical holiday decor really makes me cringe. The red, the green, the holly, the multi-colored lights...ugh, it's just too much. And really people, just because something is Christmas themed, doesn't mean it belongs in your house. </rant> ;-)

Here, let me explain what I mean in regards to my house (before all of my followers disown me). I love the ornaments and decorations The Hubs and I have collected throughout our lives. Some pieces are sentimental, some are funny, some remind us of places we've lived or visited. But just because they mean a lot, doesn't mean they fit into my decor. Right? However, they're all too meaningful to just leave in a box.

It is because of that, we now have three fully decorated trees in our house. Take a look, it makes perfect sense!

The first tree, the focal tree, lives in the main living space and is themed black, silver and green-- the new addition this year. Simple and elegant.


The next lives in the family room downstairs. This is the fake, traditional tree holding all the ornaments from our childhood plus all the ornaments we've gotten each other over the last six years. Simple red, green and white lights.

The Hubs' R2D2 and C3PO.

A mouse in a stocking...pretty sure this was my mom's at one point. 

Anyone who grew up in the 80's has at least one brass, engraved ornament.This one's from 1984.

Love my coffee...

For years, The Hubs has wanted a globe. I've yet to find one worth buying...mostly because I'm cheap, but I did find this huge ornament globe at Restoration Hardware a few years ago.

And my Pup's paw print. We hang it at the bottom so he can see his artwork. (Yeah, I definitely need children soon ;-)

And the last tree lives on the sporty side of the basement family room. This is a fake, mini-tree that holds all the sports related ornaments we've collected. 

How many trees do you decorate? And do you dig the holiday traditional decor or are does the modern decor appeal to you?

<3 dani

ps - I do have an excuse for the bad camera is still on my bro-in-law's fridge. Oops. So, the Blackberry was workin' double duty today.

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