Monday, January 3, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Oh Snap!

Krafty Kat rocks my world. She's so stinkin' crafty -- it's not just a clever blog title -- and she's always leaving me sweet comments. But this time, she did more than comment, she gave me the Stylish Blogger Award!

Woot! I saw this award a few weeks ago wandering around a linky party and was so super envious. Weird considering I hadn't heard of it five minutes before, yet was dying to have one five minutes after. Funny how our little brains work, right!?

Anyway, being a new blogger with only twenty-one followers, sometimes I wonder how many people are really reading this. When it comes down to it, 'how many' doesn't really matter, it's the 'who' that matters. I'm glad that other creative bloggers, like Kat, are reading and I'm thankful for family and close friends that continue to support and encourage this little endeavor.

So, on to the Award.

There are four duties to perform in order to accept this award:

1.Thank and link back to the blogger who awarded you.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award fifteen more recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let 'em know they won!

Here goes...

1. I'm obsessively neat and organized. So much so, that the #1 gag to play in college was "rearrange Danielle's room to see how freaked out she'll get."

2. I've wanted a baby for two years now and the stork still hasn't visited us.

3. Even at  5'10" I still wear heels almost everyday to work!

4. I'm twenty-eight and still play dance party with my girlfriends in the basement.

5. It usually takes me an hour (or more) to fall asleep once I get into bed.

6. 90% of my wardrobe is black, grey or white.

7. Being an only child has caused me to be stingy, arrogant, stubborn, demanding, and incredibly sensitive.

ah, that was therapeutic.

on to the New Winners!!

1. It's a Lunsford Thing
2. Free Stylin'
3. Dandelions and Dust Bunnies
4. Domestic Goodness
5. Trendy Accentz
6. One Thrifty Chick
7. Muse Lodge
8. Nitty Gritty Pretty
9. Inspired by You
10. Krystal-Kreations
11. Day by Day
12. Type A

Okay, okay. I realize I'm breaking the rules by only choosing twelve blogs, but let me explain. I didn't want to pick blogs that I wasn't familiar with just for the sake of filling a spot. I can vouch for these blogs; they are all worthy of a visit (or several hours of lurking!).

Thanks so much Kat.

<3 dani


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  1. thanks so much! i actually giggled when i read this!!! thanks for making my day!!! xx

  2. Thanks for the blog love! I think we could be friends in real life, I love a good dance party!

    now, I have to think of 7 things....Yikes!!

  3. Ah gee! Thanks very much! That also made my day :)

  4. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to get home from work ;) and post on my blog and pick some stylish bloggers! Thanks again!

  5. My pleasure ladies. Rockin' the bloggin' world isn't easy. I gotta show the love!

  6. Thanks for thinking of my little ole blog. What an honor. Thanks again - it's fun to learn a little more about you too.

  7. Thanks Dani, I'm also pretty new to the blog scene. Thanks for following me and for this fabulous award. =)

  8. Congrats, Dani! It's a pleasure to get to know you more :)


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