Friday, January 25, 2013

First Birthday Bash, kind of...

My Little Dude turned one. Ah, what a milestone, what a moment, what a memory...what a time to be sick!

I had all these wonderful plans. Everything was going to fall into place the night before (because anyone who has a little one running around knows that a little thing called preparation no longer exists) and then BAM out of nowhere, I get a wicked cold, and by wicked I mean two steps away from death kinda cold.

My original plan included a pool party at The Four Seasons, then hanging out and snacking in a banquet room. Baby hotel party, mmhmm, yes please! The theme was Fish, because Little Dude adores swimming, and all the little snacks were going to be pool/fish related. I was going to take cute little photos and give step-by-step tutorials...umm, nope DID NOT HAPPEN.

While most of my party plans played out, it certainly didn't end up as 'perfect' as I wanted it. And if it weren't for my bestie Grace, I would have canceled the whole deal. Thank goodness Little Dude won't remember it.

I was so sick that even my pictures turned out pretty awful. I'm going way outside of my comfort zone even posting these. But hey, ima keep it real up in here.

Grace made the gorgeous cake. Word to the wise, do not try to create a personalized cake  out of homemade carrot cake. If Grace wasn't so patient, this cake wouldn't have happened. I gave up after ten minutes (could have been the fever getting the best of me, hmm) but Grace kept at it and it turned out beautiful.

Blurry, I couldn't even hold my phone steady enough to get a decent picture. eek!

Here's the breakdown of our cute little snackies. This is where I planned on taking tons of photos and explaining everything -- I barely made it to the hotel to decorate. Photos were about the last thing on my mind, right there next to eating and staying awake -- I also bought gold fish bowls and put (edible) goldfish in them on each table.

Little Dude realizing he had an entire pool to himself.

Not so much the "bash" I had planned up, but Little Dude had a grand time, a wee bit overwhelming, but fun nonetheless. Here's hoping next year I stay healthy and have better photos to show you.

<3 dani

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  1. Oooh he really is too adorable! Congratulations!



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