Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall is in the air...and all over our house

Even though it was 84 degrees outside today, it is still, most certainly, October 11th and well into the fall decorating season. I started decorating the very first day of October, but I haven't really stopped since. Considering we're hosting the Halloween Partay this year, I probably won't stop adding to it until Thanksgiving!

I went all autumn colors in the living room and all black and spooky in the kitchen/dining room. Right after the Halloween Partay, the autumn colors will take over until after Thanksgiving. 

Here's how I usually start a decorating project. Yeah, it may appear to be a pile of stuff, but it's so much more. We all have that shelf (or several, hell we might even have an entire storage room) full of extra decorating stuff. Before I got out and buy anything, I compile everything I have with the style I need. Color doesn't matter of course, cue the spray paint.

I don't necessarily use everything, nor do I limit myself from pulling from all over the house.  
before #1

before #2

annnd After

The foliage, ceramic pumpkins, and ribbon are all dollar store finds. The large candlestick and paper pumpkin are Goodwill treasures. The rest I had! [doin' the cheap-o dance right now!] The little candlestick used to live in my bedroom and in it's past life was bright blue. The candles are clearly recycled from my 'I got sick of that scent' candle bin. The big wooden vase thingy was a Pier 1 going out-of-business find. In total, I'd guess the entire mantle was under $20. Considering most of this stuff I already had and used, which obviously cancels it's cost, I spent $8! So sweet.

An old grapevine wreath, covered with black crepe paper and ribbon and a dollar store black bird. $1.

**Here's the updated and way cooler display.**

Craft scraps and a few Christmas decorations, along with a dollar store sparkle skull and a black charger and, Vuala! The candelabra was a half off find at Michael's a few years back. Not my best work, but I had to come up with something creepy to fill the space for now at least.

The beads, ribbon and balls in the bambo vase thingy are all Christmas decorations. I know, right? Black christmas stuff!? Totally. My hubby and I found it at the Hob Lob our very first Christmas in our house and we loaded up on it. It may seem odd, but I promise, it's be-u-ta-ful. The skull was a Michael's half off find and the skeleton jumped into my cart at the dollar store. 

I feel like the kitchen/dining room is sparse, but that stuff only has to last through the partaay, so I didn't spend too much time (or moola). 

I heart fall decor and have spent, maybe, $15 updating and adding on this year. When I make the change in the spooky room, I'll post more, babushkas!

<3 dani



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  2. Wow! I love your Halloween decor! Great job! The wreath is my favorite!


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