Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Here!

Ahh yes, I've finally pulled the trigger and began my blog. After reading hundreds of blog posts on everything from home decor to crafts to organizing, I finally realized that I could be a part of this creative world and possibly even contribute a bit.

For me, the point of writing this isn't to pat myself on the back for creating something neat and totally awesome and perfect, but rather to share how I do what I do. For years my friends and family have complimented my creativity and utility decorating and what not. And everytime I get a compliment I explain how stinkin' easy it is to do what I do (and how I'm secretly really really cheap!).

For almost two years now, my husband has been the sole bread winner in our house. Although we don't have children, being on a tight budget is stressful, especially when my hobby requires searching for design treasures at stores around town. My solution was to make our home and our life as easy and beautiful as possible. I've always been 'frugal.' Even while living in the heart of Chicago (with charming, expensive temptations all around me), I refused to spend a ton on...well, anything. Now is no different, but unlike pre-one-income, I analyze and try to reinvent everything (and yes, I mean everything).

I've spent weeks putting together ideas for future posts so that I can keep a steady stream of creative juices pumping through the veins of my blog. Hopefully, this is enough of a teaser to keep you coming back to see the frugality in the flesh!

This first blog is dedicated to introducing things that make me happy, and sources of inspiration. I hope you enjoy!

Historic Bridge Park

I grew up loving this place and even after moving away, I always came back to visit. My very awesome husband proposed to me here in the most romanic way evah! Cliffs notes: We planned a walk with the dog at the park. He went ahead of time and spelled out, with rocks, "Dani, will you marry me?" covered it with a blanket with a dog treat on it. Eventually, when we walked by that blanket, my noisey dog grabbed the treat and the blanket, revealing the message. It was very two thumbs up!

My beautiful trees

This year I harvested so many peaches that I had to give tons away. So yummy to eat (and look at).

Mmm. Chicago.

After visiting often as kids and in college, my future hubby and I knew exactly where we were moving after we graduated. Although we're back in MI now, I still use the city as inspiration.


All of it, but especially Warhol and Basquiat. I mean, who doesn't love little pops of CRAZY all over their house!?

That's just a sprinkling of what I <3. I hope you'll visit again!


*if I left anything out that you wanna know, ask away.

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