Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Bit of Valentine's Spirit & Lucky # 30

First, a big huge thanks to my 30th follower! Brooke at Girl Boy Girl Inspired. (ah yes, the perks of being my 30th follower...just imagine what I'll do if I ever hit 50)

I know, thirty isn't huge, but for someone who created a blog with simple intentions and without even understanding the concept of 'following,' I think it's huge!

On to the meat of this post. ;-)

Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday. Sure, let's be romantic and remind each other that we have undying love burning at the base of our soul for each other, but seriously folks do we have to spend over 15 billion dollars to do that? And all for a holiday who's story is cloudy, to say the least.

That's probably why I don't put much effort into decorating for good ol' St. Valentine. In fact, this is the one time that you could walk into my home and have no idea what time of year it is...the lack of seasonally themed decor is almost embarrassing for a hardcore decorator like myself.

Maybe that's why I created this little number.

Subtle right?

and simple.

I took an old frame, hot glued a few strings of hemp to back, rummaged through my craft supplies, grabbed some dried roses The Hubby got me for landing a new job (see! that's the kind of romantic gesture I'm talkin' about) and clipped everything on with mini-clothespins.

Free, quick, purdy. Annnd versatile. If I want to keep it up after VD (ha, still laugh at that one) I'll just remove the red hearts. High five!

What are your feelings on the ol' V day?

<3 dani

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  1. LOL-VD!!!!! You have me just cracking up! I love Valentines but I am an old romantic! My boyfriend, however, sees it as a made up holiday. So, guess who's probably not getting anything! Your decor is sweet and simple. I like it- thanks for linking up to Gettin' Krafty With It!

  2. that was loltastic!!

  3. thanks for linking up with Type A. This is a very cute. You could use it all year long too, just change with the holdiays or put pictures on it. Great idea.


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