Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Master Closet Clean-Up

Calling this closet a 'master' is almost laughable. Not large. At all. But I'm not complaining because it forces me to keep it organized and to make tough decisions about clothes I'm not actively wearing.

The Finished Product

The befores:

 okay, please note how each side is kept.


Nuff said.

Here are my rules for the ol' closet clean-up:

1. Empty it. It's way too easy to leave clothes in there when they're so conveniently hung. But when you pull everything out, it forces you to look through each piece individually, make a tough decisions and ask "does this really need to go back in."

I'm boring my assistant

2. Don't keep anything in the closet that isn't in season. This means summer clothes gotta go.

3. Pull anything that hasn't been worn in 3 months. Decide if those pieces are simply outdated or whether you just don't have anything to wear with them. If they're outdated, get rid of them. If you have an amazing shirt, but no pants to wear them with, decide if you're going to make that outfit a priority. If yes, keep the item in there. If no, pull it.

4. Be Honest. If you can't be truthful about the items you aren't wearing, then you're no better off. I know it's sad to see some things go, but it's better than wasting space on the stuff you actually wear.

5. Keep like items together. There are a couple of ways to do this. My side of the closet is sorted by color (i.e. all black shirts together, casual and formal). The Hubs side is separated by item (i.e. all work shirts together, etc)

6. Donate or Repurpose. Not everything should be donated. Some of The Hubs old shirts aren't donate-able, but they make good garage towels. Some old sweaters, though donate-able, I'm too sentimental about to get rid of, so I move those to my fabric bin (which also gets an overhaul often) and try to come up with a project. -- I'll have a sweater repurpose post shortly!

Okay, so those are the rules I live by. Simple, right?

In the end, you'll feel a little less overwhelmed every time you open those doors.

Happy organizing!

<3 dani

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  1. Great job. I just took on this task too... Talk about a undertaking! I wasn't sure I would ever see daylight again... lol

    Found you at the link up party We're Organized Wed.

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. It looks great. My closet isn't large either and it just helps me keep up on things. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  3. There is nothing like looking at a great closet! I kicked my husband's clothes out of the closet and into his home office closet! lol! You did an amazing job! Angie xo


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