Sunday, March 4, 2012

Upgraded Monogram

Over holiday break, my bff and I redid the photo collage on the wall above my couch. The "S" which usually sits on my mantel, changed neighborhoods and moved into the blank spot on the wall. It looked fine enough and filled the space better than anything else we could find (without buying something new of course), but after I saw --> this  <--I had to upgrade.

Here's my version:

This how it looked originally:

Not bad, but doesn't this look better?

Here's what I did. Start out with some words and print 'em. Then cut 'em out.

zero clue why this is photo is sideways...absolutely zero...

Place them on your letter. 

You'll end up with this:

Trim it up, then glue them on. You could (and probably should) cover with some sort of sealer, but I didn't have any on hand, so I didn't ;-)

I painted the edges black. Little contrast never hurt anyone.

Super easy, practically free.


Try it.

<3 dani

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  1. love it! i knew you'd come up with something genius :)


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