Sunday, October 17, 2010

Master Bedroom Teaser

Three years ago, when we purchased our house, painting every single room was a huge task to take on.  There was only one room that didn't have a crappy color on the wall and the ugliest color of all was in the living room. Ya know, the room with 20ft ceilings. Of course I started there, which led into the stark white walls of the kitchen and dining room and by the time I was done with those two areas, I lost my ambition.

Now, three years later, our master bedroom is still sportin' the ugly paint color. Not for long! Lowe's had paint on sale and like a hawk in the night, I swooped in and got me some. Luckily, I keep my fave paint chips in my wallet, so I was totally prepared walking up to that paint counter.

Glidden Master Palette (color matched) - Seal Grey - Flat

Sexy color, right? Rawr.

I came directly home and got started. Of course, I cut in first. The brush (<-- click for the info)I have literally does all of the work for me. If you do any painting, buy one of these instead of tape. It is a beautiful thing.

This is when I start to get a little nervous...second guessing my color choice...deciding whether I really want to keep painting (or if I'm getting too bored)...and how the hell am I going to accessorize this place!?

But I can assure you, I finished and it's frickin' awesome! 

More to come!

<3 dani


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  1. Looks great!!!! I think grey is a calm color and that just about anything goes with it. Well done Drop!!!

  2. Grey is awesome!!! I've painted like my whole house grey- i love it. It looks good with yellow or turquoise or pops of green:)

  3. Grey most certainly IS awesome and calming is exactly what I'm going for. I have some great yellow accents waiting to find homes too.

    Thanks for following ladies, very big high-five.



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