Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Take Me Up Basket

I caught the crud, but I'm not letting that stop my crafty self. Being sick is one thing, but being sick and bored is quite another. To avoid the inevitable boredom, I grabbed a few things, brought them to bed and snuggled up to make this:

Anyone who has a staircase in their house knows that the bottom and the top steps are usually layover stops for everything. It's not necessarily out of laziness that stuff accumulates there. It's because eventually, you're going to be heading down (or up) those stairs again, so why make an extra trip right now? Right? Right! But --there's always a 'but' -- sometimes [this is all hypothetical of course] someone else heads down those stairs before you and passes by the pile of stuff. And [hypothetically] let's also say this person says "I didn't know if you wanted that to go downstairs, so I just left it." And there the stuff sits, alone and homeless on the stairs.

Well, confusion no more my friends. To avoid the above [hypothetical] situation, I created a 'Take Me Up/Take Me Down' basket. This way, there is absolutely no confusion where the pile of stuff needs to go and anyone (ahem) can take it.

In general, I don't like baskets, but that's what I've got on-hand and utility is outweighing aesthetics for the time being. When I find something else to take it's place I'll just switch out the tag.

You'll need:

A basket (or any container, preferably with a handle)
Card stock or Thick Scrapbook Paper (you can just layer regular paper if that's all ya got)
Letter Stickers (of course you could print, write, cricut, whatevs)
Glue (if I wasn't laid up in bed, I would have used hot glue)

I started by choosing four 4x4 pieces of scrapbook paper and glued two sheets to either side of thicker card stock(ish). I wanted it to be strong enough to withstand rides up and down the stairs regularly, so a thin piece of paper just wouldn't do.

Oh yeah, these photos are totally on my lap, in bed. Hardcore crafter right hur.

Then, I put my little letter stickers on the other two coordinating sheets of paper and layered up. Gotta give it a little dimension. Of course, you could change up this step accommodate the supplies you're workin' with.

Finally, I attached the ribbon around the handle and onto the paper. Yeah, yeah, I should have done that when I was pasting the paper together in the beginning, but I'm all hopped up on NyQuil. Gimme a break.

I just realized I forgot to show you the "Take Up" side. Oops. I'll draw you a little mental looks just like the "Take Down" except it says "Take Up" in opposite colors. ;-)

So does this work or not?

<3 dani



  1. I love it. I was just thinking this week that I need the same thing ... just the Take Up one though. Our stairs are a storage spot for my kids and I hate it!

  2. pretty darn good for being sick! great job. here is my recent version of step baskets/buckets. i assigned one to each family member. it kind of works, lol

  3. Hope you're feeling all better now. I love the up and down baskets and the tags look so cute. Thanks for joining We're Organized Wednesday. I'm featuring you tomorrow. You can stop by and grab a featured button if you'd like.


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