Sunday, October 24, 2010

Momma's Challenge: Cheap Ghost Wreath

The Momma bought some inexpensive ghost yard ornaments. They were inexpensive for a couple of reasons. Namely, when assembled they look like this:

Inexpensive or not, she couldn't put these up in her yard. She'd be laughed outta the neighborhood. So of course, she handed them off to me and said, "You want 'em? I mean, there's probably nothing you can do with them anyway. I'll just throw them out." Oh no she ditint! Reverse psychology definitely works on me. I took them and told her that comment was a challenge. I would definitely find something to do with these cheap ugly ghosts.

Here's what I came up with and what you'll need:

a few ghosts (you can use cheap ones from the store or make them from scratch)
black crepe paper
orange crepe paper
dollar store wreath
hot glue
black fabric scraps

I began by wrapping the DS wreath in black crepe paper. You could spray paint it black and skip this step, but I'm too cheap to buy more black spray paint.

I made up a few ugly ghosts and glued them on.

Wrapped it in scraps of black fabric.

Made and glued on some orange crepe paper flowers.

Better than the yard ornaments, yeah? High Five?!

So booyah, Momma! Challenge accepted! and won!



  1. High Five! The pain and suffering on the ghosts' faces is so believable due to the fact that they're attached by their necks. Somehow it's creepy even with the super cute orange flowers there.

  2. I love it! One mama's trash has been transformed to treasure!

  3. Very thrifty idea!
    I'm your newest follower...thanks for commenting on my tee!

  4. Such a cute wreath! I love the little pop of orange too!


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