Monday, November 1, 2010

S.L.E.E.P. A Little Reminder

I'm slowly finishing our bedroom. Seriously, by the time I give you the full reveal, I'm sure all the bits and pieces I'm showing you will be shifted around the room. But you'll get the idea, smart little cookies.

Wall art lettering and I are getting along very well lately. The bathroom has a sign that says "BATH." The living room mantel has a big "S" on it. In the dining room hangs "Live, Laugh, Love." You see the trend, right?

I cannot leave the master bedroom out of the cool crowd, so here's what I did:

It started out as a different project than it ended. The ribbon wasn't ever part of the equation, but I found it at Salvation Army for like .50. I had always pictured it reading horizontally. Where I had originally wanted it to hang will now be the home to something I pulled from my neighbors garbage...(seriously...I'll post about that this week too), but here we sit and here it hangs -- above the dresser.

I used:

five letters from Hob Lob ($1ish each)
craft paint
hot glue

Then I glued my letters on to my ribbon.

And hung it up.

Oops, I forgot to tell you about the little bow I put on the top. That was just extra ribbon smooshed into a shape that resembled a bow, held together with some hot glue. Nothing fancy.

The Hubs asked if I hung that "just in case we forget what to do in here?" Exactly, dear.

I'm still trying to decide if the ribbon works, or if the ribbon makes it look like it belongs in a child's bedroom. Whatcha think?

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