Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trash Picking 101: The Oar

This beautiful thing

was once here

Yup, that's right...definitely my neighbors' trash can. 

In proper garbage picking fashion, I waltzed over there, shoeless and in my p.j.s, to grab it. You gotta be quick in this 'hood. Good stuff goes quickly!

There was so much potential in this rustic piece that I couldn't pass it up. With a bedroom redo underway, I was looking for artwork to fill the newly painted walls.

With a little cleaning up,

help from the Pup,

some white paint

and the perfect display spot

I got this and I'm so in love with the accidental beachy theme I created. The full bedroom reveal is coming soon, promise!

I know I'm not the only trash picker out there...right? Tell me about your best garbage find!

<3 dani


  1. I think my best garbage find has been my encyclopedia set. Actually I see lots of great stuff that I don't take. I'm working on my courage. I've actually had dreams about garbage picking, so I think it's a sign.... of some sort...

  2. Ha! awesome. you reminded me that i left the embarrassing part of this story out. my other neighbor was pulling out of his garage a i was struggling to get the oar out. he stared, of course, then rolled down his window. the first thing i thought to say was...'never know when you're gonna need an oar.'


    i'm impressed you got an entire set of encylopedias without a similar emabrrassing moment.

  3. Fun find! I wish we could have lovely garbage like that in my neighborhood. ;)- Great job re-purposing it!

  4. So cool! I wish I could find stuff like this. I never get this lucky. :/

  5. What a cool find! I never find anything around. I would love to stumble upon this great oar! It looks great and I love that wall color!

  6. Ok, that has to be the best freebie ever! You'd pay big bucks for something similar at Pottery Barn. Way to go!

  7. ha! I LOVE this. Just this weekend, I pulled stuff from our neighborhood dumpster not once, but twice! The first time it was broad daylight and I still felt no shame! :) (the second time my sister was embarrassed beyond belief, which made it even more fun!) That oar is SUCH a great find! I love it! And what a cute spot to put it. Can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  8. You must come over to my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY and show this cool treasure off...hope to see ya there:)


    Christmas is right around the corner…hop over to enter my gift card GIVEAWAY…WIN some Christmas cash!

  9. Stopping by from the Power of Paint Party! My hubby was throwing away a paddle and I got it back out and told him I was going to paint it and put it on the wall. He rolled his eyes!! Love what you did with your find!

  10. Beauty find!.. I hope that someone near me is trashing some oars soon... I'd like to have a few for the basement living rooms!..

  11. Hmmm... I think the carved wooden rocking chair I found by the dumpster at our old apartment is my favorite trash treasure. Or maybe the old albums i found behind the record store that are now wallpaper in our funky basement bathroom.


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