Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jewelry Intervention

When Granny passed, I got a ton of her costume jewelry. Granted this stuff has no monetary worth, but the sentimental value is through the roof. Unfortunately, I keep it all in a box in the basement and only wear a few of the pieces that aren't completely dated.

Instead of leaving all of her stuff boxed up and unused, I grabbed a few pieces that had potential and went to work.

I'm no jewelry maker, in fact, I think this may be the first piece I've made from start to finish.

Check her out!

I disassembled the original green necklace.

Added the beads to a new wire.

Bought some chain and a clasp.

Connected the beads to the chain.

Added the matching clip-on earring and a ribbon with hot glue.


Purdy, right?

I gave it to The Momma for a Christmas Gift. 

Don't be afraid to break old jewelry. You might actually wear it!

<3 dani

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  1. Very good for your first time. Hey you should check out
    i think that's the name of the website. She has a tutorial on how to make beautiful framed initials out of old costume jewelry. Let me know if you decide to do something like that.


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