Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Hangover

During the last few days before Christmas, I was finishing gifts for what seemed like a million people, but in reality was something like six or seven. Either way, now that the excitement [read: anxiety] is over, I feel like I finally did a million things to post about, but now I have no time to type it up. Hence the holiday hangover. Funny how this little craft/blog cycle works.

I think I'll start simple considering I haven't posted in almost a week. No tutorial, just a little photo shoot.

The Pups had a serious Vet visit last Monday. Some x-rays, a nail removal, a mole removal, a biopsy annnnd fifteen stitches. Yikes, right? My boy isn't the most cooperative patient. In order to have all of this done, he had to go under anesthetic. I was a nervous wreck. The entire day.

When he finally came home and snapped out of his drug induced trance, I couldn't help but take a million pictures of him.

He could stop a train.

Hope you enjoyed ;-)

<3 dani

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