Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Office 0 Me 1

Remember this post from way back when? It was the beginning of my accidental office redo. Perhaps it's the fact that we're hosting a New Year's Eve party or maybe it was the consistent nagging from The Hubs, but I finally finished and I dig it.

Here's the finished product.

and the befores...

my oops...

I created the corner shelves with the old shelves from the broken bookcase. All ya need is a few $.78 brackets from Menard's, a power screwdriver, a level and loads of patience.

A hand-me-down sewing machine, which a friend tells me is probably nicer than the sewing machine I use, works as my printing station.

and below serves as my filing station (which I purged biiiig time). These are the tips I used. This approach cut my files down by about 2/3s. So refreshing. Do it!

and it all came together to create this, ahh yay!

Totally high-five worthy, right?

By repurposing my old bookcase and purchasing a few cheap brackets, the look and feel of the room has changed completely. Fancy.

<3 dani


  1. Using the old bookcase for shelving was ingenious! Love the new look! Project well done!

  2. Dang! I'll be decorating my own office soon and I love this idea, definitely will be using it as inspiration. That stretched out book ledge just looks so much more cozy and interesting than a shelf! And I was going to go and buy myself some shelves, this way will be cheaper! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's wonderful! As they say "necessity is the father of creation!" I think I like it exactly how you did it! :)

  4. I really like your corner shelves. You are so clever to think of that, and they really make the whole room.


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